The Product


This is a unique product developed by Seven-S to enable banks, FIs and other organisations to conduct Online Tests to assess banking/ domain knowledge and related skills of their staff members.

A broad outline of such tests is given below. The actual test can be finalised and customised in consultation with the bank management.

Main Objective of the Tests

To assess the staff members' (basic / advanced) knowledge of banking operations (including product offerings, policies & procedures of the Bank) and other related matters.

Benefits of the Tests

Staff members would be inspired to study the guidelines and improve their knowledge and skills related to banking operations resulting in:

  • Better customer service.
  • Better compliance with systems and procedures and regulatory, statutory requirements.
  • Reduced inter office references.
  • Healthy growth of the Bank.

Other Usage of the Tests

The results of the tests can be used by the banks for:

  • Performance appraisal rating.
  • Deciding incentives, perquisites, salary increments etc.
  • Internal promotions.
  • Recruitment

Levels of Tests

The Tests are normally designed for two categories / levels of employees:

  • Level-1, for Junior Cadre
  • Level-2, for Senior Cadre

Structure of the Tests

Both the Tests (Level-1 and Level-2), would be Objective Tests of 90 minutes (1 hours) duration consisting of 4 papers as follows:

Name of the Paper

No. of Question



1. Deposits



Composite time of
90 minutes
(1 hours)
2. Services & Administration



3. Loans & Advances



4. General Awareness (IT, Marketing, GK and English Language)







Each question carry 1 mark. For each wrong answer 0.25 of the marks are deducted from the total marks. There is no penalty if a question is left blank / not attempted.

At least 10 marks in each paper (aggregate 40) may be considered as minimum for qualifying the exam. Those who do not qualify may be given another chance after 3 months.


The questions on first three papers on Banking Operations would be mainly drawn from the related policies, procedures. Manuals of Instructions and other guidelines of the bank and regulatory authorities.

There is no specific syllabus for the General Awareness paper. It will contain questions on Information Technology, Marketing, General Knowledge, English comprehension aimed at testing the basic knowledge of the staff in these areas.

Paper Setting

The question papers would be set with utmost care by the experts in the field. A paper would cover all the important topics of the covered subject/s. There will be atleast 5 sets of each paper for each level of the test. A candidate would get a randomly selected set of question papers.

The main difference between the questions of Level-1 and Level-2 will be the degree of difficulty.

Modalities of the Tests

The tests would be online. Seven-S shall provide URL links to:

  • The bank management (Tester Panel) for viewing login IDs and their passwords for distributions to the candidates and for viewing the test results including paper / topic-wise and total marks (and % of marks) obtained by each candidate.
  • The candidates to login and attempt the test and view test result including paper / topic-wise record of marks (and % of marks) obtained.

The tests can be taken by the candidate at the assigned time and place under the supervision of the Bank Officials.

For taking a test, a candidate will require a work station (PC with internet access).

No. of Logins

Seven-S shall provide as many Login IDs (with the required mix of Level-1 and Level-2 tests) as may be required by the Bank. The Login IDs can be utilised during the mutually agreed period.

Customisation for Other Topics

The product can be customised to test the knowledge in other areas as well.

For further details, please contact us at: (022) 68537777 or 9820034248 or E-mail us at:

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