List of Our Professional Services

1. Preparation / Revision of Manuals of Instructions and Processes Documentation

Preparation of Manual of Instructions, Job Cards and Documentation of Processes in various areas of bank operations like:

  • Retail Banking (Deposits, Advances, Services & Administration)
  • Currency Chests
  • Corporate Credit
  • Trade Finance
  • Treasury Management
  • Capital Market Operations
  • Government Business
  • Back-Office Operations
  • Audit & Inspection etc.

2. Management Audit

A comprehensive appraisal of managerial effectiveness and soundness of performance. A thorough review of the organization to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of strategies, structure, management tasks, systems and procedures with the objective of helping the Bank to gear up to the new opportunities and meet the emerging challenges. It covers review of Business Perspective, Organization Structure, Key Business Processes, Human Resources Management, MIS and Information Technology.

3. Review and Re-engineering Internal Audit & Inspection System

A comprehensive review and re-engineering of internal audit & inspection system with particular focus on offsite monitoring. Comprehensive list of parameters for various areas of scrutiny with particular focus on risk based assessment. Keys for objective appraisal of the performance under each parameter. Mechanism for generating health reports - operating unit wise and function wise. Detailed flow charts and revised guidelines for the entire process with clearly defined roles, scope of work and expected value additions etc. Revised audit and risk rating system.

4. Re-engineering of Key Processes / Functions

Re-engineering of the Key Processes / Functions with particular emphasis on:

  • Effective use of technology.
  • Managing the process as a whole.
  • Eliminating duplication, reducing/eliminating non-value added work.
  • Reducing turnover time.
  • Enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Improving control.

Initiating suitable changes in organization structure, infrastructure, performance measurement, information management, values, behaviour and culture to support new way of working.

5. Planning and Assisting in Setting-up of Back Office Operations / Central Processing Unit

Identifying activities for centralization of back-office operations. Designing systems, procedures, risk control and service quality measures. Assisting in implementation/ setting-up the centres.

6. Organization Restructuring

A thorough restructuring of the organization with the objective of helping the Bank to gear up to the new opportunities and meet the emerging challenges. It covers review of Business Perspective, Organization Structure, Review and Re-engineering of Key Processes related to Planning and Performance Budgeting & Monitoring, Credit Management, Inspection & Audit, Human Resources Management, MIS and Information Technology etc.

7. Review of the Credit Management Function and Re-engineering of Key Credit Processes

A comprehensive review of all the aspects of Credit Management. Re-engineering of the key processes with particular emphasis on managing the process as a whole, eliminating duplication, reducing/eliminating non-value added work and using IT effectively. Initiating suitable changes to support new way of working in organization structure, infrastructure, performance measurement, information and risk management etc.

8. Development of Operational Guidelines and Key Policies

Development of guidelines/ policies in critical areas of Banking Operations including in particular Credit Policy, Deposit Policy, Customer Compensation Policy, Human Resources Policy, Investment Policy, Credit Card, Depository Services, Merchant Banking Activities etc.

9. Study of Frauds and Developing Fraud Preventive Measures

A detailed study of all the frauds taken place in the Bank during last few years. Developing preventive measures for strengthening internal control systems and minimising instances of frauds. Guidelines and IT program for monitoring money laundering, prevention, detection and reporting of frauds.

10. Service Performance & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Carrying out Service Performance & Customer Satisfaction Surveys with the major objectives of:

  • Measuring the levels of customers satisfaction and to identify the shortcomings and the areas and causes of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Ascertaining the customers' perception of the Bank's image, culture, service delivery, product range and product features vis--vis that of other competing banks.
  • Suggesting ways and means to improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Providing inputs for formulating business development strategies and directing marketing efforts in future.

11. Survey of Organizational Climate

Conducting an organizational climate survey to assess the work environment and its effect on morale, productivity and motivation of employees. Developing suitable measures and OD/ HR interventions to bring about improvement.

12. Online Test for Bank Staff

An online test portal developed by us to assess the staff members' (clerical and officers) knowledge of banking operations (including product offerings, policies & procedures of the Bank) and other related matters. The results of the tests can be used by the Bank for performance appraisal rating, deciding incentives, perquisites, salary increments etc. and/or Internal promotions.

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